Mucking In

Just spent the last few days on our Marae Te Maungarongo at Ohope. This is a special place for anyone who identifies with the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand and it is so because it was founded in association with the man who best embodies the missionary heart of Presbyterians in this country J G Laughton.
Laughton started his ministry in Piopio and soon developed a love for the local Maori picking up the language and particularly the tikanga (fundamental value system and customs associated with those values). Laughton then developed a ministry with the great Maori prophet Rua Kenana which though marked by some theological tension led to the establishment of a wonderful Christian community at Maungapohatu. Later, ‘Totally committed to a renaissance of the Maori language, Laughton founded a press, Te Waka Karaitiana. This published journals of the same name, Maori translations of portions of Scripture, and general news of the Christian churches.’
This mission and goal still lies at the heart of Presbyterian tikanga in this country and I would suggest we work towards reviving it within our parishes in whatever way we can.
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