FloodedDear friends,

On behalf of our friends in the Whakatane parish and their minister Rev Chris Barnard I draw your attention to the needs of the communities who have been badly affected by the floods of last week.

As you will have seen and heard in the news, the town of Edgecumbe was worst effected by the floods and a majority of the town was submerged. Many have still not been allowed back into their houses. The damage will be significant.

EdgecumbeFlooding1AfterI am sure you are wondering how you can help and I am also sure that some of you have already responded with prayer, time and money.

While there are a number of appeals for those affected by the floods, the Whakatane parish are also working hand-in-hand with other churches to help in any way they can. Together they seek to raise funds to assist.

Donations can be made through their trust, ‘Have a Heart,’ and these funds would be available on application.

Can I encourage you to give direct to the Have a Heart Charitable Trust – account number 06 0489 0242960 00 (you can read about the trust on the Charities Services websitehttps://www.register.charities.govt.nz/CharitiesRegister/ViewCharity?accountId=6b853376-0b8b-e411-aef0-00155d0d1916&searchId=c4c7cee7-b2ba-4ce9-b496-434cab1e36dc)

full_file3-1All money donated will be used to give people who really need it a hand up. Small donations of even a  few dollars are most welcome.

Please join me in prayer for those affected by the floods.

In Christ

Richard Dawson

Moderator: Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand